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Debris from anti-satellite test no danger to ISS, India says

Debris from anti-satellite test no danger to ISS, India says

The DRDO chief said the weapon has boosted the country's defence. The high risk is in the first 10 days, that time frame gets over today. Some part of the debris has decayed already.

On Tuesday, the NASA had termed India's shooting down of one its satellites as "terrible thing" and said the hit-to-kill mission created about 400 pieces of orbital debris.

India's recent test of anti-satellite (A-SAT) missile has been termed as "a awful, bad thing" by NASA chief Jim Bridenstine, who said that it is estimated that the risk to the ISS has increased by 44 per cent over the last ten days.

Mission Shakti has ensured that it secures a place in the space power league. India had shot down a live satellite in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO), a reference to altitude less than 2,000 km, said the PM.

"Mission of this nature after a test is conducted can't be kept secret".

Addressing the mediapersons, Reddy also said, "For a similar application we don't need another test". On March 27, India achieved a historic accomplishment by firing down its low orbit satellite. All critical technologies for the test were developed indigenously and about 90% of the entire test in indigenous, Dr. Reddy added.

Reacting to former Union Minister P Chidambaram's statement where he said that such capabilities need to be kept secret, he said, "A mission of this nature after the test is conducted can not be kept secret technically". The satellite is tracked by many stations across the world and all the necessary permissions were taken to carry out the test, he added. "We have demonstrated that".

Reacting to Congress leader P. Chidambaram's comment that it was foolish to let out secrets such as possession of such a technology, Reddy said mission of this nature post-test can not be kept secret technically as a satellite is tracked by many stations across the world. The idea began around 2014 and development started in 2016 with a go-ahead from the government.

He said the target for the A-SAT test was launched in January specifically for the same.

Speaking about the reports of a failed test in February this year before the actual test, Reddy said, "DRDO has been regularly conducting some tests with electronic targets". The other countries with such capability are the US, Russia and China.


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