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Trump again rejects halting Saudi arms sale over Khashoggi case

Trump again rejects halting Saudi arms sale over Khashoggi case

Turkish officials claim that they have the audio and video which indicate that Khashoggi was brutally killed inside the consulate.

Saudi Arabia has been under pressure since Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent critic of Riyadh and a US resident, disappeared on October 2 after visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Turkey has called on Saudi officials to provide evidence that Khashoggi left the consulate.

Upon noticing the watch, Khashoggi's assailants tried to unlock the Apple Watch with multiple password attempts, ultimately using the journalist's fingerprint to unlock the smart watch. The newspaper did not address that in its report.

An Apple Watch can record audio and can sync that later with an iPhone over a Bluetooth connection if it is close by.

Mr Tugendhat said International Trade Secretary Liam Fox should boycott the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh later this month if Saudi involvement in Mr Khashoggi's disappearance was proved.

Saudi Arabia warned Sunday it would retaliate against any sanctions imposed on the oil-rich kingdom over Khashoggi's disappearance, as the Riyadh stock market plunged on growing investor jitters. There is also evidence of the moment that Khashoggi was killed, the source said. It echoes how Russian Federation has described the men who allegedly carried out the Novichok nerve agent poisonings in Salisbury, England, in March.

Saudi Arabia has dismissed as "lies" allegations that it ordered his killing.

Mr Trump has said his administration won a $110 billion military order from Saudi Arabia and that the deal, combined with Saudi commitments to invest heavily in the United States, was worth hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs.

President Donald Trump has said that he will go ahead with the $110 billion arms deal his administration negotiated with the Arab nation.

Gerard Butler is speaking out about his decision to cancel a trip to Saudi Arabia following the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

USA lawmakers have threatened to block weapons sales to Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi's suspected murder, but Trump has been reluctant to stall lucrative arms exports to the regime.

A joint statement of condemnation, if it is confirmed that Mr Khashoggi was killed by Saudi agents, is also being discussed by U.S. and European diplomats.

The writer and Saudi dissident has not been seen since October 2, when he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to deal with paperwork required to marry his Turkish fiancee.

"My comment is we all want information", Mnuchin said, "so let's wait and see what information comes out in the next week".

Turkish officials have reportedly balked at releasing the recordings out of fear it would compromise intelligence methods.

She said investigators were examining his cellphones, which he had left with her. In a statement posted on Twitter, the Saudis welcomed the joint effort and said the kingdom was keen "to sustain the security and safety of its citizenry, wherever they might happen to be".

Citing the journalist's murder, several officials and media companies have pulled out of the event, which is meant to showcase Saudi Arabia's growing prominence on the world stage.

Described as the "Davos of the desert", a reference to the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Switzerland, the FII event had been a "glittering showcase" for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and had reflected his ambition to be a significant player on the world stage, The New York Times noted in a story late last week.


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