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Apple certainly plans to rob you this year

Apple certainly plans to rob you this year

If you prefer to charge your iPhone using a cable rather than wirelessly, then the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max may not be a wise purchase right now.

Apple blog Cult Of Mac is attributing the smoothing effects to the iPhone XS' "noise reduction" that Apple briefly mentioned during its keynote event; it helps remove the grainy look in photos taken in darker environments by smoothing out details.

iOS 12, the mobile software that comes standard in this year's iPhones, has a new future buried in its settings that will deny USB devices access to the iPhone while the phone is locked.

As we're now pampering our iPhones from fear of seeing them smashed on the ground, we though it would be quite useful to shed some light on a slew of excellent rugged cases you could get for Apple's new crown jewels. Owners of mobile devices complained because the gadget you can not charge in "sleep mode".

The above wallpaper is just one example of Nakatani's new creations for the iPhone XS Max.

According to 9to5mac, it is not clear whether the issue is caused by a problem with the hardware or software.

"If I haven't interacted with the phone for some time, it becomes unresponsive to a charger being plugged in". I received two of the new Totallee cases to test on the new iPhone Xs Max. Several users with older iPhone models have also reported that they are getting the same charging issue on their iPhones. Thanks to the composition of the case, wireless charging will in no way be affected by the accessory.

Now, with more and more customer feedbacks, Apple seems to be silent, even, no one from Apple answered to the problems of the customers who have questioned them in the forums. What should happen is the display lights up and indicates the battery is being charged.

Why it's important: The author of the Sohu News article writes that Apple has ignored "cultural differences" by apparently adding an automatic beauty filter to its new models. The Smart HDR feature is not available on the iPhone X. Unfortunately, there is no option to turn this off and there will unlikely be one in the iPhone XS' future. This isn't new for many of these apps on iPhones.

However, all these solutions might eventually damage the battery on iPhone XS and XS Max devices.

ZDNet has asked Apple to comment on the reports and will update the story if it receives a response.


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