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Putin says he wants to build bridges with Europe

Putin says he wants to build bridges with Europe

"We know the attacks made against him in connection with the doping scandal and in these conditions it's impossible to put him into retirement", Putin said in a televised phone-in on Thursday.

Putin first said in March 2016 that the country's military campaign in Syria was coming to an end.

"I hope that things will not come to that", Putin said ominously.

"We see is as positive news that the closed part of the budget allocates additional 97.4 billion rubles ($1.57 billion) for weapons development and additional 47 billion rubles for support of the vehicle industry and agricultural machinery building".

He said Moscow and Beijing share the same stance regarding the Korean Peninsula issue and both sides had proposed a road map for its resolution and that his country fully supports China's contribution in recent days to ease regional tensions. "Instead of restraining whoever, it would be better to establish constructive cooperation, and then the overall effect on the global economy would be positive".

The two leaders will also attend cultural activities. He said Russian Federation learned that lesson in a clash with the West over its 2014 annexation of Crimea.

"This pressure will end when our partners become convinced that the methods used by them are ineffective, counterproductive and harmful to all", Putin said Thursday. No one wanted to listen, and no one wanted to do anything to stop these tendencies.

Putin's interview with Austrian news presenter Armin Wolf grew heated when Wolf asked about allegations that Putin had meddled in the domestic politics of other countries.

Russian Federation blocked the online messaging service Telegram in April after it refused to grant state security services access to its users' encrypted messages.

Putin said that Russian Federation needed a strong European Union because of its trade links with the bloc.

Mr. Putin has even called Mr. Kurz a "friend" and, given Europe's mounting anger with Mr. Trump, the Russian leader has spotted a chance to drive a wedge between the European Union and the US. He believes that Germany, Spain, Argentina and Brazil are the most likely candidates to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which begins in his homeland on June 14.

"Our national team has not demonstrated strong results recently, but the number of fans of this attractive sport here is massive; it's in the millions".

"I think that the possibility of these meetings depends to a large extent on the internal political situation in the United States", he said, CNN reported.

But the Russian president sidestepped a request by the moderator to tell a joke.

"Complete nonsense. I can only take it as a joke", he said, saying it was the same as the USA allegations that Russian Federation had influenced the 2016 election.

Putin said that US allies in Europe - now engaged in a tariff showdown with the Trump administration - were slowly warming to the message he'd been delivering for years: USA foreign and economic policy was aimed at extending American power at the expense of the rest of the world. "Utter idiocy. You can't describe this as anything other than a joke".


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