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Do you hear Laurel or Yanny?

Do you hear Laurel or Yanny?

The debate brings to mind a similar question that drove the internet insane a few years ago: the dress. He ran the YannyLaurel clip through a waveform detector that visualizes the frequencies present in audio clips.

It's the new "the dress": A four-second audio clip has triggered a heated debate on the internet.

One Twitter user proved this by adjusting the bass levels of the original recording.

Indeed, even the Daily Dot staff became at vicious odds with one another by the time the debate bubbled to a simmer in Slack. There are actually two separate voices in the recording: one sounds like "Laurel" at a lower frequency whereas the other sounds like "Yanny" at higher frequencies. But then, THEN, I listened to it on my laptop and heard Laurel, and now I can't unhear Laurel and I'm so mad at myself for it. Perhaps, in these trying political times, we're feeling nostalgic for the simpler times as another mystery has befallen the people of social media.

Even audiologists think this is cool.

For starters, your expectations play a huge role here. "We automatically fill in the missing sound to make sense". It was later posted on Twitter, where it has been liked more than 50,000 times and stoked a fierce debate.

I personally tested it with my family, and sure enough, while I and a couple others heard "Laurel", the rest of the crew swore they were hearing "Yanny".

That means that the way you're listening to the sound matters. Why do some people hear laurel and others hear yanny?

Many have sought to explain why people hear either word stating that it has to do with the pitch of the sound you are listening to.

Some people say they can hear both words, and there's a possible reason for that.

. Your mind is being told to look for something and it then creates that thing by stitching together what you're hearing. You know, is it white and gold or blue and black?

'Obviously this also depends on individual physiology and on what you expect to hear.

So the only right answer here is that there isn't one.

Since The Dress came out, we've learned a number of facts that have shed some light on why the illusion occurs, though the full mechanistic pathway remains incompletely known.


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