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UK's May Stresses Need to Abstain From Hard Border Between UK, Ireland

She tweeted: "Very welcome tone from @theresamay of realism, compromise, recognition that we are in negotiation with European Union & can't ignore some hard facts as well as a desire to unite the nation & build an enduring economic partnership with the EU".

"Life is going to be different", she said. "Even after we have left the jurisdiction of the ECJ, EU law and the decisions of the ECJ will continue to affect us", she said.

Yet she has barely inched closer to outlining her defined interpretation of how Brexit will look and work.

May said Friday that a "hard" border can be avoided through technological solutions and placing no new restrictions on smaller businesses, which account for 80 percent of the trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Theresa May has used a landmark speech on Brexit to hit back at the EU's refusal to offer Britain a bespoke deal after it leaves the bloc.

In a tone removed from earlier caustic talks, the prime minister said she recognized the EU's principles, and called for compromise with Brussels' Brexit negotiators.

Financial services would no longer have a system of "passporting", allowing all European Union finance companies to sell their services across the 28-member bloc with a local license, because this requires a "single rule book, over which we would have no say". Notwith-standing the fact that the Border in the North is far more toxic and politically destabilising, not to mention the history of smuggling associated with it.

It comes after Downing Street and Mr Johnson denied reports that Mrs May's chief of staff Gavin Barwell was behind a leak of a memo from the Foreign Secretary in which he said the Government should focus on stopping the Irish border becoming "significantly" harder, reigniting a row over the issue.

Where Mrs May appeared to be realistic is in the area of standards and regulations.

Of course politics are what get in the way of a good trade deal, and with Brexit political tensions abound.

Such an arrangement would force Britain to accept rules made elsewhere, and that is unacceptable, she said. She wants recognition of broadcasting rules to allow United Kingdom channels to continue to be watched across all European countries, and continuity of rail, maritime and aviation services - so that United Kingdom airports don't grind to a halt.

"Given the importance of financial stability, of ensuring the City of London, we can't just take the same rules without any say in them", May said.

She called for a third party court to be set up that would resolve trade disputes, instead.

The Prime Minister's "five tests" for an European Union deal offered little insight.

Leo Varadkar said May had given 'some important reassurances on the Good Friday agreement and the border in her speech on Friday, but they urgently needed to be backed up with detailed proposals. Brexit is due to happen in a little over 12 months, so time is short, he said.

Mr Coveney said if agreement can not be reached during tri-partite talks between the UK, Ireland and the European Commission, the backstop plan of full British alignment with customs union and single market rules that Mrs May "committed clearly" to in December would have to be put in place.


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