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VW, BMW and Daimler embroiled in gassing claims…

VW, BMW and Daimler embroiled in gassing claims…

The report claimed that 25 people had been involved in the experiment where they were made to inhale varying amounts of nitrogen dioxide at an institute run by Germany's Aachen University.

The German government also responded to the allegations on Monday. Acting chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the tests on as "justified by nothing".

"The fact that an entire industry has apparently tried to hide brazen and dubious methods of scientific research makes it even more monstrous".

The story broke after a report in The New York Times detailed a previously unknown 2014 experiment commissioned by the European Research Group on Environment and Health in the Transport Sector (EUGT) - a now-disbanded research institution funded by the three carmakers.

The controversy comes as the German vehicle industry tries to recover from the "Dieselgate" scandal of 2015, in which it emerged several carmakers had fitted software to their diesel engines created to cheat emissions tests.

"They like to watch cartoons", said Jake McDonald, the scientist at Lovelace who ran the experiments, as part of a deposition taken a year ago as part of a suit by Volkswagen diesel owners. The trials were "abhorrent and repulsive", Stephan Weil, prime minister of Lower Saxony and a member of VW's supervisory board, said. The university had followed typical procedures, such as approval by an ethics commission as well as written consent from each participant, it said.

BMW has distanced itself from the unlawful practices, while Daimler issued a short press release saying the company is "appalled by the extent of the studies and their implementation" and that it "condemns the experiments in the strongest terms".

The EUGT was shut down previous year but the Times said it was part of a "prolonged, well-financed effort to produce academic research that they [German automakers] hoped would influence political debate and preserve tax privileges for diesel fuel".

One of the experiments studied the health effects of emissions in the workplace. So, to make things clear, this company actually tried to deceive British officials by supplying them with a vehicle that they rigged to show less harmful fumes then the true version, a despicable and irresponsible move.

Representatives of automakers General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV said on Monday they do not test the effects of emissions on humans or animals.

News of the medical test in Germany has awakened uncomfortable memories of the Third Reich.

"People will be circling them looking for blood, waiting for bad stuff to happen, so they better not have any more scandals up their sleeves".

VW's Hans Dieter Poetsch described the project as "totally incomprehensible" and called for it to be "investigated completely and without reservation".

Experiments with monkeys, which were conducted in 2014 at Lovelace Biomedical Laboratory in Alburquerque, were reported last week by New York Times. But Rubin stressed that all animal work conducted by Lovelace is done under the supervision of an attending veterinarian and only after an institutional Animal Care and Use Committee evaluates study objectives and testing methods to verify compliance with animal regulations.


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