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Scott Gimple Promises Huge Changes In The Walking Dead Season 8

Scott Gimple Promises Huge Changes In The Walking Dead Season 8

Yes, that shot in the closing minute was certainly the "WTF!" moment of this particular episode. I do strongly feel like the show could survive without a Rick Grimes. As if there's any confusion, Lincoln confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that the image of Rick bleeding against a tree isn't a vision or a trick of the imagination; it's very much grounded in reality, much to viewers and Lincoln's own chagrin. "You can still be who you were", Carl tells his dad. That obviously presents a significantly different connotation than if he's been shot.

Then we watch Carl tell Rick about him killing another kid seasons ago during the prison fight. According to Kirkman, the scene is not meant to set up a Walking Dead without Rick in it. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, stated that he "was desperately unhappy" about Carl's death and always thought "Chandler would be the last man standing, to be honest". His death here represents one of the biggest deviations from the comic script in recent memory. Good on them for doing so. A fan threw to him, asking if there is an element of the story of the tv series that he would like to change, and after blagué on the fact that he has already killed Carl at least twice, he replied: "I want to cut the hand of Rick". Yet, I still suspect much of it is because of who it is and because none of us saw it coming before the mid-season finale. It's that last task that will define the trajectory of Season 8. I didn't. But you will. Here, it's instantly forgotten.

We also find out that the flash-forward from the Season 8 premiere, the one where Rick and Judith made their way through utopian society, was Carl's idealized version of the future. No Maury paternity test required. We don't quite think anyone out there is going to be over what happens with Chandler Riggs' and his character of Carl for quite some time. I want to see that little girl in Rick's sheriff hat, sooner rather than later. Not only does he live to see the end of the brief war with Negan in the comics, but he practically assumes the role of the protagonist of the comic books. In season four Carl was almost raped by a group of maniacs, which led to one of Rick's gnarliest kills when he ripped out a man's throat with his bare teeth. Would the members of that community ever be able to come to terms with having this guy walking around in their midst? Below those videos, you can also take a look at AMC's video on Carl's farewell, a look at a talked about scene, and a behind-the-scenes clip. Disclaimer: I have no clue, but that's kind of what I think.

- Is it just me, or was that indie folk tune in the beginning horrifically out of place with the montage of Carl grappling with his morality? Who better to believably hammer some mercy into Rick's brain than the person he loves most? The answers just seem to matter a little bit more now. And then suddenly he just went all pale and ghoulish on us. Or will it be something else entirely, a combination of the two?


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