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Ralph Northam wins Democratic nomination for governor

Ralph Northam wins Democratic nomination for governor

Niles said she doesn't pay much attention to politics and probably hasn't voted in state races, but she backed Trump in November because he seemed to have her interests in heart. Now the most interesting cleavage may be on the Republican side where white identity politics found traction in Virginia and may in other states.

Meanwhile, if Perriello or Northam win, it will be almost impossible for Virginia's voters to elect a Democratic House of Delegates - even if a majority of those voters cast a ballot for a Democratic candidate. Frank Wagner and Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart.

At a debate I attended last month, both candidates clearly sought to represent the progressive base of the party. He also has scored a slew of endorsements - having racked up the support of 67 of the 87 Republican members of the state General Assembly, a majority of the members on Republican State Central Committee and over 30 local party chairs, according to his campaign. "Besides", Mrs. Stanley is said to have crisply told Byrd, "it's Tom's turn!" Tom Perriello, a former congressman running for governor in Virginia, embodies the idea that "Hillary or Bernie" is a false choice, and if he wins it could signal that the broader party is on the way to accepting that idea too. "I trust his dedication to all Virginians", Lee said of Northam.

Perriello pledged in his concession speech to help Northam and said his campaign had shown that a "movement" is "rising up". Perriello has been endorsed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and heavily bankrolled by Democratic super donors George Soros and Donald Sussman.

The off-year-elections beat marches on today with gubernatorial primaries in Virginia. According to the most recent Washington Post opinion polling, the two are locked in a neck-and-neck battle statewide while leading Northam by a margin of almost three to one in south-west Virginia.

Considered a progressive outsider to his opponent's establishment figure, Perriello has used a wave of liberal political opposition following Trump's election to catch up on Northam's head start in fundraising and party support. Perriello struggled to explain his positions on gun control and reproductive rights from his time as a candidate in Virginia's rural 5th district: In 2010 he received an "A" rating in 2010 from the National Rifle Association.

Perriello has apologized for an anti-abortion amendment he voted for in Congress, and has distanced himself from his past praise of the National Rifle Association.

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination on Tuesday could say a lot about the direction of the party. Bob McDonnell. He served as counselor to President Bush during Bush's second term of office, co-founded a bipartisan lobbying firm and in 2014 narrowly lost a bid for Virginia's U.S. Senate seat to Democratic incumbent Mark Warner. Turnout in 2017 could be an important key in this race because the insurgent candidates on both sides are likely banking on the fact that many voters that don't normally participate will this time around. He makes no bones about calling out Trump (a "narcissistic maniac") or the economic system.

"Another wipeout, you can flip the switch: Virginia goes from purple to blue - it becomes New Jersey", said John Fredericks, a conservative radio host who is backing Mr. Gillespie and served as a delegate for Donald Trump a year ago at the Republican National Convention. Gillespie and Stewart say they want to cut the state's income tax rates.

Stewart has run a controversial campaign, pledging to fight the removal of Virginia's Confederate memorials and to crackdown on illegal immigration, and pledging his loyalty to Trump and his policies.


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