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Cuba rejects new US policy, saying pressure will not work

Cuba rejects new US policy, saying pressure will not work

Below is the full statement released Friday by the Cuban government.

In Miami on Friday, the president announced that he was slamming the door on one of President Obama's few foreign policy successes: easing 50 years of United States sanctions on Cuba.

"What you've committed to do on Cuba, what you want to do on Cuba, is never going to come from career staff".

Our political system being better than the one in the United States, proven by the fact that today's president Donald Trump didn't receive the majority of the U.S. people's vote, as he had almost three million votes less than his opponent.

"We do not want USA dollars to prop up a military monopoly that exploits and abuses the citizens of Cuba", Trump said Friday in Miami.

The free flow of information, ideas, art, culture and sport stemming from increased opportunities for American travel and trade will be largely closed down by the new directive - entirely based on the questionable logic that somehow eliminating these opportunities for citizen to citizen engagement is good for the Cuban people. "They only enrich the Cuban regime".

To many, it is also laughable when Trump talks about human rights conditions in Cuba as a major reason for his decision.

The city is home to the largest Cuban diaspora in the US, many of whom are highly critical of President Barack Obama's re-establishment of ties with the Cuban government.

Later on, we shall make a deeper analysis of the scope and implications of the announcement.

Former commerce secretary under former President George W. Bush, Carlos Gutierrez, says that "Cubans in Cuba will be terribly disheartened" if Trump decides to reverse course. In a speech in Miami last week, the president berated the Cuban regime for its authoritarian policies and human rights violations.

The US' Guantanamo detention center, ironically on Cuban soil, still serves as a reminder of people imprisoned without due process.

The statement said a "strategy aimed at changing the political, economic and social system in Cuba, whether it seeks to achieve it through pressures and impositions, or by employing more subtle methods, will be doomed to failure".

At length, Rodriguez also criticized alleged US human rights abuses.

Lauren Sivan, 39, of Los Angeles said she was glad she slipped into Cuba before the policy shift and was still able to stay at the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, owned by the tourism wing of the military, Gaviota.

There is no doubt that if the U.S. wants to influence Cuba, the best policy is to engage more with Cuba, not disengage.

The Cuban FM repeated Havana's position that the United States blockade - in effect since 1962 - is unjust, inhumane, genocidal, and violates worldwide law. It is a country with friendly people, many of whom have ties to friends or family in the United States. Even so, demand for flights and cruises could be depressed as the new limits complicate travel to Cuba. Cuba has not renounced these principles, nor will it ever do so.

Donald Trump wants to revoke some of the measures the previous U.S. government adopted and has promised to apply the laws of the blockade to their fullest extent. Why?

"Cuba will not make concessions that harm its sovereignty", Rodriguez said. How many Americans will be put out of work by this foolish political stunt?

The Russian Foreign Ministry declared that this new approach can only induce regret and that it was clear that anti-Cuba discourse is still needed.


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